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". . . begs to be read aloud with its delightful descriptive language . . ."

". . . [the] exuberant and luminous illustrations are impressive, infusing the narrative with energy and warmth, supporting the simplicity of the story. . . filled with little details that will surely amuse children and adults alike."

". . . Fred & Mary teaches a gentle lesson that cleverly sends an inspiring and encouraging message to children."
-Beverly Tabbs, American Chronicle. March 8, 2008.

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Fred And Mary

Fred loved his hair. So much, in fact, that he didn't bother taking care of the rest of his body. People made fun of his shabby clothes and pinched their noses at the smell. They seemed to take notice of everything except Fred's hair. But Fred didn't care what they said. He was happy. Then one day he met Mary, and his life was forever changed.
$25.00 - Hardcover Edition - Comes with CD/DVD

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Queen Infinity

This award winning book and exhilarating story of the much-loved and level-headed leader of Zizzamanbee is sure to be a favorite. Join Infinity as she encourages the mean King Arrogant to read books instead of burning them, and try to keep us as she races to solve a puzzle when a mysterious vistor presents her with an amazing gift.
$20.00 - Paperback Edition
$25.00 - Hardcover Edition - Comes with CD/DVD

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Fun With Fairytales, The Remix Vol. I

This musical storytelling journey is modernized to give children old school nursey rhymes with a modern day twist! Enjoy five selections that are sure to be standards in your classroom in the near future...
$15.00 - CD

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