Helping people to jump start their day Kobie sends out an inspirational and motivational text each morning to move you to action. It's one text designed to push you to think about what you can do to impact your life. They are created with the purpose of being a positive catalyst for action. Each of us have the power to live the life we want. The daily word helps remind you of that inner power and gives you small steps along with a bit of courage to take those steps.

Here are a few examples:

EXPECT the unexpected! Life throws the best & worst at U & it's not what happens to U,but how U RESPOND & what happens IN U! Stretch out & bend with the wind! BE FLEXIBLE!

FORGIVE! It's an action we all need to become good at! Be careful that U don't deny others what U may soon need Urself! Let IT go & be free! Do Urself a favor, RELEASE!

IT will be what U make it! The level of ACTIVE participation U give will determine Ur degree of benefit. Presence doesn't equal participation! Do more than show up!

Rededicate Urself to Ur cause(s)! Every now & then U HAVE to readjust & rekindle a fire that is down within U! It's good to question why U do what U do! Renew Ur focus!

Pain is a messenger letting U know order is needed! Pay attention to the areas in Ur life where there is pain. Ignoring it doesnt make it go away! Address Ur pain!

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