L. Kobie Wilkerson is a master teacher and powerful transformer of schools and organizations. He is a leading authority on helping schools and organizations cultivate relationships that support a healthy culture and climate. He is an educator, author, poet, speaker, presenter, and a wonderful storyteller. Audiences rave at his excitement and his energetic way of presenting. Passionate about continuous growth he decided to go into education to shape and mold the values of children by inspiring them to love knowledge and to be life long learners. Mr. Wilkerson has a B.A. in Education and a B.S. in Sociology from Kentucky State University. He obtained his Masters in Education Administration from Kansas State University. Kobie made quite an impression during his tenure in higher education. His list of honors and accomplishments include: The History Maker Award at Kentucky State for being the first person in history to hold the titles of Mr. Kentucky State University and Student Body President consecutively. He was elected to the office of VP of financial affairs for the National Black Student Government Association, an organization started by the 100 Black Men, and at Kansas State University he was made the first Graduate Teaching Assistant in the schools Leadership Studies program. Presently he is pursuing his doctorate in teaching and learning from the University of South Carolina.

Kobie has taught in Topeka Kansas and Cincinnati, Ohio (where he was born and raised). There he founded Camp Gye Nyame, a summer camp that focuses on reading, writing, and critical thinking. He has presented in South Africa, and most recently was part of a Kenya delegation put together by Utengo whose goal is strengthening impoverished Christian churches and schools so that they become places of healing and restoration for Kenyan youth. He is an exceptional writer, co-author of “Darnell and I: Cultural truth telling and the power of education.”, and the author of “Fred and Mary”, a wonderful story that promotes affirming yourself in spite of how others may feel or think about you. He is also a powerful speaker and a graduate of the Les Brown speaker training program.

Currently he is chief consultant of Love II Learn Educational Group where they work to empower teachers to empower students to transform our world. Also, he is president of Love II Learn Books and CEO/President of the newly founded Love II Learn Foundation. He works with schools and organizations where it is his goal to see them systematically operate at their best, so they can effectively impact those they serve. Kobie has a passion for relationships and personal development, and a sincere desire to see all who he comes in contact with become their very best. He lives by this quote, “Without continuous self-development you are right now all that you will ever become…”

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